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August 7, 2013 at 9:01 PMJonathan Burke

Okay, I've seen the new Nintendo platformer New Super Luigi U and that got me thinking, is Nintendo running out of platform game ideas. Let's think here, everyone is eating up platformers, Nintendo has released its 3rd platformer in 2 years and no one else is producing platformers. I'll name 3 companies that could feed the craving of platformers.


Okay when is the last time we've seen the Sonic in a 2-D game. Answer is 2010 but that was only available on Xbox Live and PlayStation. The original was great and made Sega a big deal in the 90's. Sonic 2006, a 3-D platformer many years later, was so bad that it basically crushed Sega. Ya Sonic Generations was half decent but we need to go back to the origins of Sonic to "revive" the franchise. Sonic was revived in 2008 with the Olympics series and those games are good to but still we need a simple 2-D easy to play Sonic. That's all I ask


I have one question to ask to these guys. What the heck happened to Mega Man? Last time we saw him doing his thing it was 2008. That's all of the US Mega Man games period. Why? He is not even called Mega Man any more it's just Rockman and his games are only released in Japan. Capcom those fighting games screwing up your heads. Mega Man is what made your company what its today . Remake the series for the US and I know someone at Capcom thinks the same way.


The maker of the stupid Just Dance games and the beloved Rabbids, how can they make a platformer. Well they did in 2011 after putting Rayman with the Rabbids for 3 games they decided that's not the way Rayman should be remembered, so they made Rayman Origins. It was good, so good in fact Game Informer Magazine gave it 9.5 out of 10 and I love this game so much. Now a sequal Rayman Legends was released April for the Wii U and in 2 weeks it will be released for the Xbox 360, and the PS3. Now I hope in one year they will make more Rayman platformers and maybe a Rabbids platformer too because these guys can make one hell of a game.

That's it  for this blog, I'm Jonny B and I'll catch you later.

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YouTube and Blog Schedule for rest of 2013

August 1, 2013 at 6:45 AMJonathan Burke

Blog Schedule: Monday- Sports Awards For Week

Wednesday- Video Gaming Blog
Friday- Sports Blog

YouTube Schedule: Sunday-  Badger Kart Club Racing

Monday- Jonny B Play-Through, or Minecraft Minigames

Tuesday- Matt B Play-Through

Wednesday- SC2 Game, or Minecraft Minigames

Thursday- Matt B Play-Through

Friday- Jonny B Play-Through, or SC2 Game

Saturday- Controller Games, Combined Play-Through, or SC2 Game

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Announcements and Plans

June 13, 2013 at 9:43 PMJonathan Burke

The BKC Race 2 Features are finally up and I will post them here shortly but I do want to mention some things and or plans for the blog. #1) I don't have BKC Race 3 because i was sick, BKC Race 4 because it was at a 2 mile track(go figure) and I will not BKC Race 5 because the tripod is broken and yes I will fix it. #2) To fill the void I will do a BKC Insider to show what Badger Kart Club has a track,family outing, and the technicals behind the race and the karts. #3) In order to be a blog on Sports and Gaming I will do one post of each every week on different subjects. I fell like we need to make this an real blog. I did a first "real blog" post on gaming and will be doing one on a sports topic shortly. #4) We need support for these videos and this blog. It would make us really happy to see a lot of views either on the BKC racing, the gaming playthroughs, or the random junk that we put out for the heck of it please find the time to watch. That's all i wanted to say.




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Next Gen Consoles (Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U)

May 22, 2013 at 7:47 PMJonathan Burke

Now I haven't done any gaming posts but I am gonna give you guys one. Let's get started. Two days ago Microsoft made what could probably the biggest gaming announcement of 2013, the Xbox One. With reveals now all over the place, that just begs the question which is best. First off the looks, the Wii U looks just like a regular Wii with a tablet controller so nothing new there. The PS4 look however has not been revealed but will be shown at E3 on June 10. The Xbox One looks exactly like a PS3 and the Kinect sensor is not only comes standard but looks bigger. The controllers for the PS4 look about the same but with a bigger sensor and rumble shock technology built in near the center. The Xbox One has more similar look to the Xbox 360 controller except with a larger back with the symbol up top and colored letters on the buttons. The Wii U one like I already mentioned is a Wii Controller with a small tablet screen in the middle "enhancing " gameplay. Next the fetures. The Xbox One has Blue Ray installed, motion gaming, and you can watch live tv. It also will havw Xbox Live just redone and video chat on Skype is now possible. The PS4 will have several new cables and programs for better streaming and recording capibilites. It has a new online program looking much like the Xbox Live on the 360. The Wii U has the 5 player mode with the tablet and the 4 controllers and video chat via Nintendo Wi-Fi. Now lets move on to the games. The Xbox One has announced 15 games including a new Forza Motorsport, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Assassins Creed 4. 8 of the current titles are from companies we all know and love but the rest however are all being made by new developers to try out. The PS4 has 27 announced games with the same mentioned titles as Xbox One (except for Forza) but includes a new Final Fantasy, Diablo 3, and maybe Planetside 2. The Wii U being out for 6 months now has 132 games out and upcoming. Some of the mentionable upcoming ones are a new MarioKart, 2 new Legends of Zeldas, Rayman Legends, and the long awaited Pikman 3. And last but not least the graphics. The Wii U does have enhanced graphics but the Xbox One has excellent and realistic graphics that out match the Wii U. PS4 also has enhanced graphics with its new processing core. And now my preference. I am a die-hard Nintendo fan and everyone I know owns an Xbox 360 but I would have to go with the PS4 because it carries most of the same games as the Xbox One something that the Wii U can't do, the similar graphics and fetures to the Xbox One, and the fact that Sony is trying so hard to redeem themselves after stumbling on the PS3 CONSOLE RATINGS: PS4: 8.91 stars Xbox One: 8.68 stars Wii U: 7.2 stars

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Welcome to our Blog

March 9, 2013 at 9:10 PMJonathan Burke

Welcome to the Mini Sportscasters blog.  Matthew and I think our dad is the best dad in the whole world for setting this up for us. Here is the latest video we have made.

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