YouTube and Blog Schedule for rest of 2013

August 1, 2013 at 6:45 AMJonathan Burke

Blog Schedule: Monday- Sports Awards For Week

Wednesday- Video Gaming Blog
Friday- Sports Blog

YouTube Schedule: Sunday-  Badger Kart Club Racing

Monday- Jonny B Play-Through, or Minecraft Minigames

Tuesday- Matt B Play-Through

Wednesday- SC2 Game, or Minecraft Minigames

Thursday- Matt B Play-Through

Friday- Jonny B Play-Through, or SC2 Game

Saturday- Controller Games, Combined Play-Through, or SC2 Game

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Announcements and Plans

June 13, 2013 at 9:43 PMJonathan Burke

The BKC Race 2 Features are finally up and I will post them here shortly but I do want to mention some things and or plans for the blog. #1) I don't have BKC Race 3 because i was sick, BKC Race 4 because it was at a 2 mile track(go figure) and I will not BKC Race 5 because the tripod is broken and yes I will fix it. #2) To fill the void I will do a BKC Insider to show what Badger Kart Club has a track,family outing, and the technicals behind the race and the karts. #3) In order to be a blog on Sports and Gaming I will do one post of each every week on different subjects. I fell like we need to make this an real blog. I did a first "real blog" post on gaming and will be doing one on a sports topic shortly. #4) We need support for these videos and this blog. It would make us really happy to see a lot of views either on the BKC racing, the gaming playthroughs, or the random junk that we put out for the heck of it please find the time to watch. That's all i wanted to say.




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St. Bede Boys Basketball Year Review

March 18, 2013 at 2:39 PMJonathan Burke

So I will first before getting into the meat and potatoes of this post, explain a couple things. Number 1 if you are from St. Bebe in Illinois this article is boy's only because the girls season still hasn't finished yet. If your not from St. Bede and have no idea what I'm talking about just select the 2 videos at the bottom of the post and you'll figure it out. Let's get started with the 4/5th grade team. The record shows a team that needs work but the team despite the losing record is actually really good. This team has determination and can make up any distance in the final minutes. They have shown great skill and can be a threat as this team ages. The 6th grade team also a good team but their main downfall is the competition. With 8 evenly matched teams it is hard to win when all the teams are at the same skill level. The team when even on the record and most games finishing score was within 5 points or less. Now to the 7th grade team and boy is there's going to be a lot say but I'll keep it short. The team had only one regular season loss and gave many teams in tournaments one heck of a beat down. The problem was at the end of tournaments or seasons. We have always got in to tournaments as a top seed but in two tournaments this season we finished second in both. We won division every year but can't seal the deal in the tournaments. Finally the 8th grade team, with only a handful of wins the team didn't perform to well. One prime reason was the grade policy putting some of its great players on the bench for the week. Don't get me wrong the team had some great moments and games and I personally hope that each player plays well in high school. The two games I'll add to the post are my two favorite games. The first is from the 4/5th regular season when the St. Bede Falcons went up against the St. Patrick Hornets. I like this game becuase it has an epic come back and a thing named the "Hater Basket". Some facts before you watch is the St. Pats team came in shirts and ties and the Falcons had played a tough tournament game half an hour earlier. My second favorite comes from the 7th grade St. Peters Tournament when the championship was the Falcons versing the one the only St. Pats Hornets. I like this game because this was the only tournament game on YouTube that was not a complete blowout  .

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Welcome to our Blog

March 9, 2013 at 9:10 PMJonathan Burke

Welcome to the Mini Sportscasters blog.  Matthew and I think our dad is the best dad in the whole world for setting this up for us. Here is the latest video we have made.

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