Sports Awards for November 3rd - November 10th

November 11, 2013 at 3:06 PMJonathan Burke

Well, its been I while but I am going to blog consistently now with an alert system. Never mind that though lets get to the awards. Two teams earn the Golden Helmet and they are the Indiana Pacers in the NBA and the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. Pacers showing early strength beating Detroit with ease and winning against the Bulls with the return of Derrick Rose. I'm looking forward to see if they can carry some momentom. The Chiefs are number one in the league with a 9-0 record heading into there bye. However a lot of people are saying that the Chiefs got lucky with the scheduling because almost every team they have faced has a losing record. I will say the true test of their strength is going to be against the Broncos next Sunday night. Now the Pink Toilet Paper. They were a lot of bad moments this week from the Chalmers $15K fine to the Bears leaving Jay Cutler out there just to get injured again to the consistent key player injuries in the NFL but I'm going to give it to the Miami Dolphins. The Richie Incognito bulling  Jonathan Martin situation is a bit ridicolus. This all got started because Martian said he was being verbal abused by Incognito and got him suspended from play. All I have to say about the situation is that this got out of hand quickly and brought a lot of negative attention to a team in the playoff hunt. Now the Bronze Binoculars. I would watch the NASCAR Championship battles in the Nationwide and Sprint Cup, the Lions in the NFL because their main divisional rivals have key injuries, and the Dallas Cowboys trying to make a comeback to get into a good seed for the playoffs. 

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Sports Awards for July 30- August 4

August 5, 2013 at 8:00 PMJonathan Burke

Let's award the best, worst, or funniest plays,  games, teams, or players. First, I'll explain the awards. The first one is the Golden Helmet awarded to the best play, player, team or whatever over the week. The second one the Pink Toilet Paper is awarded to the worst play, player, team this week. Last is the Bronze Binoculars which goes to the person or team to watch for this week and now lets get started. If your a baseball fan than you know than the Golden Helm as to be given to the Atlanta Braves. They have a 13 game win streak, the best record in the MLB, and the only team in the National East Division to have a winning record. They are definitely playoff favorites. Now the Pink TP and if you saw the Hall of Fame game for the NFL you know who its going to, the Dolphins. I'm only gonna give it to them for the first half for these reasons. Fumble it first play of the game, quarterback goes 1 out of 5, and throwing an interception to a rookie linebacker who returns it for 7 pts. All  this gave 17 pts to the Cowboys. Now in the second half they turn a bad game into 20 pts which isn't bad. Actually, I'm gonna give another Gold Helm to new head coach Joe Philbin because whatever he changed during halftime worked. Finally the Bronze Binoculars to Baltimore for the MLB. They are the closest team to challenge for the Wild Card spot and they are not the only ones within striking distance of a American League Wild Card. That's it for this week next awards 8/12/13.

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