NFL Predictions for 2013-2014 Season

August 2, 2013 at 8:06 PMJonathan Burke

For our first sports blog we shall predict the NFL Season and I have to say if you disagree than say in the comments your prediction. First we will start with the AFC East and as usual The Patroits will win with a 12-4 Record despite many key players out of the picture but the Bills I think could be a threat and will get a 10-6 record while the Jets and Dolphins will both get 6-10 or worse. The AFC North is going to be dominated by the Ravens who will get 14-2. The Steelers overcome last years problems and get 9-7 edging them into a wildcard spot but the Bengles with their good running game will get a 8-8 record but not a playoff spot. The Browns will finish 5-11 and disappointed. The AFC South has of coursed changed since Payton Manning left the Colts in 2012 and last year was dominated by the Texans who will get 13-3 this year. The Jaguars to be honest will be lucky to get into the wildcard but I'm at least expecting an 8-8 out of them. The Titans most likley will go 8-8 and the Colts will be lucky even to go 6-10. AFC West will be taken by the Broncos with a 11-5 record Raiders will go 9-7 but will be kicked out of the playoffs due to the tiebreaker rule with the Steelers. The Chiefs and the Chargers will both go 8-8 fighting hard to try and get a playoff spot. Now the NFC East and I gotta say this could be the most intense division in the NFL. The Giants with a bit of luck get a 10-6  and the Redskins and Cowboys tie with 8-8. The Eagles unfortunately will go 7-9 but show drastic improvement from 2012. NFL North unfortunately will be won by the Packers with a 11-5 Record. The Vikings will be a surprise getting 9-7 and the Lions will go 7-9. The Bears will go 8-8 but to be honest with the new coach and all the pressure it might be a hard season for my favorite team. The NFC south is always intense but the Falcons will do a miracle 15-1 season and the Saints and Panthers will 9-7 but both will miss wildcard spots. The Bucs will go 2-14 with no improvement from last year. The final division the NFC west is tight but the 49ers shall stay on top with a 14-2 while real shock will be the Rams going 10-6 and getting in the playoffs. The Seahawks will go 8-8 and the Cardinals 7-9.

Playoff Time


Seed 1 + bye Ravens 14-2

Seed 2 + bye Texans 13-3

Seed 3 Patriots 12-4

Seed 4 Broncos 11-5

Seed 5 Bills 10-6

Seed 6 Steelers 9-7


Seed 1 + bye Falcons 15-1

Seed 2 + bye 49ers 14-2

Seed 3 Packers 11-5

Seed 4 Giants 10-6

Seed 5 Rams 10-6

Seed 6 Vikings 10-6


Wild Card  Packers 21- Vikings 17  Giants 10- Rams 13   Steelers 31- Patriots 35  Bills 17- Broncos 7

Division    Falcons 28-Packers 17  49ers 24- Rams 14    Ravens 7- Patriots 3     Texans 35- Bills 31

Conference          Falcons 17- 49ers 14                                        Ravens 13- Texans 14

Super Bowl                                              Falcons 21- Texans 24

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