Video Gaming: More Platform Games

August 7, 2013 at 9:01 PMJonathan Burke

Okay, I've seen the new Nintendo platformer New Super Luigi U and that got me thinking, is Nintendo running out of platform game ideas. Let's think here, everyone is eating up platformers, Nintendo has released its 3rd platformer in 2 years and no one else is producing platformers. I'll name 3 companies that could feed the craving of platformers.


Okay when is the last time we've seen the Sonic in a 2-D game. Answer is 2010 but that was only available on Xbox Live and PlayStation. The original was great and made Sega a big deal in the 90's. Sonic 2006, a 3-D platformer many years later, was so bad that it basically crushed Sega. Ya Sonic Generations was half decent but we need to go back to the origins of Sonic to "revive" the franchise. Sonic was revived in 2008 with the Olympics series and those games are good to but still we need a simple 2-D easy to play Sonic. That's all I ask


I have one question to ask to these guys. What the heck happened to Mega Man? Last time we saw him doing his thing it was 2008. That's all of the US Mega Man games period. Why? He is not even called Mega Man any more it's just Rockman and his games are only released in Japan. Capcom those fighting games screwing up your heads. Mega Man is what made your company what its today . Remake the series for the US and I know someone at Capcom thinks the same way.


The maker of the stupid Just Dance games and the beloved Rabbids, how can they make a platformer. Well they did in 2011 after putting Rayman with the Rabbids for 3 games they decided that's not the way Rayman should be remembered, so they made Rayman Origins. It was good, so good in fact Game Informer Magazine gave it 9.5 out of 10 and I love this game so much. Now a sequal Rayman Legends was released April for the Wii U and in 2 weeks it will be released for the Xbox 360, and the PS3. Now I hope in one year they will make more Rayman platformers and maybe a Rabbids platformer too because these guys can make one hell of a game.

That's it  for this blog, I'm Jonny B and I'll catch you later.

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Sports Awards for July 30- August 4

August 5, 2013 at 8:00 PMJonathan Burke

Let's award the best, worst, or funniest plays,  games, teams, or players. First, I'll explain the awards. The first one is the Golden Helmet awarded to the best play, player, team or whatever over the week. The second one the Pink Toilet Paper is awarded to the worst play, player, team this week. Last is the Bronze Binoculars which goes to the person or team to watch for this week and now lets get started. If your a baseball fan than you know than the Golden Helm as to be given to the Atlanta Braves. They have a 13 game win streak, the best record in the MLB, and the only team in the National East Division to have a winning record. They are definitely playoff favorites. Now the Pink TP and if you saw the Hall of Fame game for the NFL you know who its going to, the Dolphins. I'm only gonna give it to them for the first half for these reasons. Fumble it first play of the game, quarterback goes 1 out of 5, and throwing an interception to a rookie linebacker who returns it for 7 pts. All  this gave 17 pts to the Cowboys. Now in the second half they turn a bad game into 20 pts which isn't bad. Actually, I'm gonna give another Gold Helm to new head coach Joe Philbin because whatever he changed during halftime worked. Finally the Bronze Binoculars to Baltimore for the MLB. They are the closest team to challenge for the Wild Card spot and they are not the only ones within striking distance of a American League Wild Card. That's it for this week next awards 8/12/13.

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NFL Predictions for 2013-2014 Season

August 2, 2013 at 8:06 PMJonathan Burke

For our first sports blog we shall predict the NFL Season and I have to say if you disagree than say in the comments your prediction. First we will start with the AFC East and as usual The Patroits will win with a 12-4 Record despite many key players out of the picture but the Bills I think could be a threat and will get a 10-6 record while the Jets and Dolphins will both get 6-10 or worse. The AFC North is going to be dominated by the Ravens who will get 14-2. The Steelers overcome last years problems and get 9-7 edging them into a wildcard spot but the Bengles with their good running game will get a 8-8 record but not a playoff spot. The Browns will finish 5-11 and disappointed. The AFC South has of coursed changed since Payton Manning left the Colts in 2012 and last year was dominated by the Texans who will get 13-3 this year. The Jaguars to be honest will be lucky to get into the wildcard but I'm at least expecting an 8-8 out of them. The Titans most likley will go 8-8 and the Colts will be lucky even to go 6-10. AFC West will be taken by the Broncos with a 11-5 record Raiders will go 9-7 but will be kicked out of the playoffs due to the tiebreaker rule with the Steelers. The Chiefs and the Chargers will both go 8-8 fighting hard to try and get a playoff spot. Now the NFC East and I gotta say this could be the most intense division in the NFL. The Giants with a bit of luck get a 10-6  and the Redskins and Cowboys tie with 8-8. The Eagles unfortunately will go 7-9 but show drastic improvement from 2012. NFL North unfortunately will be won by the Packers with a 11-5 Record. The Vikings will be a surprise getting 9-7 and the Lions will go 7-9. The Bears will go 8-8 but to be honest with the new coach and all the pressure it might be a hard season for my favorite team. The NFC south is always intense but the Falcons will do a miracle 15-1 season and the Saints and Panthers will 9-7 but both will miss wildcard spots. The Bucs will go 2-14 with no improvement from last year. The final division the NFC west is tight but the 49ers shall stay on top with a 14-2 while real shock will be the Rams going 10-6 and getting in the playoffs. The Seahawks will go 8-8 and the Cardinals 7-9.

Playoff Time


Seed 1 + bye Ravens 14-2

Seed 2 + bye Texans 13-3

Seed 3 Patriots 12-4

Seed 4 Broncos 11-5

Seed 5 Bills 10-6

Seed 6 Steelers 9-7


Seed 1 + bye Falcons 15-1

Seed 2 + bye 49ers 14-2

Seed 3 Packers 11-5

Seed 4 Giants 10-6

Seed 5 Rams 10-6

Seed 6 Vikings 10-6


Wild Card  Packers 21- Vikings 17  Giants 10- Rams 13   Steelers 31- Patriots 35  Bills 17- Broncos 7

Division    Falcons 28-Packers 17  49ers 24- Rams 14    Ravens 7- Patriots 3     Texans 35- Bills 31

Conference          Falcons 17- 49ers 14                                        Ravens 13- Texans 14

Super Bowl                                              Falcons 21- Texans 24

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YouTube and Blog Schedule for rest of 2013

August 1, 2013 at 6:45 AMJonathan Burke

Blog Schedule: Monday- Sports Awards For Week

Wednesday- Video Gaming Blog
Friday- Sports Blog

YouTube Schedule: Sunday-  Badger Kart Club Racing

Monday- Jonny B Play-Through, or Minecraft Minigames

Tuesday- Matt B Play-Through

Wednesday- SC2 Game, or Minecraft Minigames

Thursday- Matt B Play-Through

Friday- Jonny B Play-Through, or SC2 Game

Saturday- Controller Games, Combined Play-Through, or SC2 Game

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